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The AMSPAR Certificate in Health Service Administration

Non-NQF Award

The AMSPAR Certificate in Health Service Administration is designed for Primary and Secondary Care administrators in post. It is desirable that candidates are in post for at least 6 months prior to commencing this course as it requires some level of work experience from the candidate. The course covers the following areas:

This qualification will be awarded to candidates who pass the assignment. There is no examination.

The AMSPAR Certificate in Health Service Administration has not been submitted for inclusion in the National Qualifications Framework however AMSPAR has endeavoured to comply with the standards set down by the Regulatory Authorities.

This qualification can be delivered through in-service training within health authorities as well as by centres and private training providers. If you are interested in running this course, you will first need to gain approval. Please contact AMSPAR Head Office for information.

For a list of centres who are currently offering this qualification, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you have qualified you are entitled to become a full member of AMSPAR, your professional body, and receive a wide range of benefits.

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