AMSPAR Membership

AMSPAR members currently receive special privileges and services including a free legal helpline, a number of newsletters and access to events in addition to valuable work and non-work related discounts.

Which Membership can I apply for?

For applicants with AMSPAR qualifications

For applicants who have not obtained AMSPAR qualifications

* Only Full and Associate Members have voting rights within the Association.

Post Nominals

Dependent on the level of membership by which you are accepted you will be entitled to post-nominals. Regular membership carries the letters MAMS. Should you already hold an AMSPAR qualification you may be entitled to accredited status. For Example, those holding the Diploma in Primary Care and Health Management would be entitled to CS Mgr MAMS (Certified Strategic Manager).

Download the application form

The application form is available to download from our web site as a PDF file PDF

Completing the application form

Completing the application form is easy:

  1. All applicants need to complete the “Application for AMSPAR Membership” form.
  2. Those applying for membership who have obtained an AMSPAR qualification need to enclose a photocopy of their Diploma/Certificate with the application form.
  3. Those applying for membership who have not obtained an AMSPAR qualification need to arrange for completion of the “Section to be completed by Employer”.
  4. Send your completed application form with the appropriate subscription to:
    The Membership Department
    Tavistock House North
    Tavistock Square

We aim to process your application and send out your membership pack within 2 weeks.

Membership Benefits

Benefits change from time to time (see FAQs) but core elements are:

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