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AMSPAR's Code of Conduct

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AMSPAR members are bound by the following code of conduct:

1. Members will strictly observe and uphold the principles of confidentiality. Anything learned from a patient, a medical practitioner, patients' records or correspondence must never be disclosed to any unauthorised person.

2. Members will establish and maintain professional relationships within the workplace, treating colleagues and employers with respect, refraining from gossip or public criticism of any person. In the event that members have reason to be concerned about the conduct of any colleague or employer (clinical or non-clinical), duty to society at large must outweigh all other considerations and members must report their concerns to the appropriate authorities immediately.

3. Members will strive to foster effective team working with all members of the health care team, placing the needs of patients at the centre of all workplace activities.

4. Members will act within the defined parameters of their personal job role, never taking responsibility for assessing a patient's clinical condition, or initiating prescriptions, and always complying with documented workplace procedures and policies.

5. Members will behave in a manner calculated to maintain the respect and confidence of patients, demonstrating a high standard of professional conduct.

6. Members will make a personal commitment to the principles of continuous professional development and lifelong learning, using all available opportunities to enhance their personal progress and increase their knowledge and understanding.

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