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  1. This is the qualification I achieved... actually 10 years ago last week. Can you expand further please, I don't know what MAMS is
  2. I achieved my AMSPAR Medical Secretary diploma 11/12 years ago but have never used letters after my name as I believed the only way I could do this was to be a member of AMSPAR. This is something I've never been inclined to do to be honest but have always wanted to use the letters after my name. I just want to confirm really whether you do need to be a member to use the letters or not.
  3. I am a fully qualified Medical Secretary with Amspar, I've been a med sec for the past 10 years and completed my diploma in 2006, I think. I have worked in 2 GP surgeries and my local hospital and recently was overlooked for promotion in my current job due to not working full time (I have a 2 year old son and due to the childcare costs I chose to return to work on 25 hours). I will be the most qualified person in our office when our team leader leaves in May and, though I don't feel a team leader job would be right for me, certainly at the moment, I do wonder what the future holds for me if I
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