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    Personal Data Membership AMSPAR is registered with the IOC. Data Protection is governed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation which came into force on 25th May, 2018 and subsequent amendments. We hold data in electronic and paper form on members, personal details, academic and administrative history and on any financial transactions. This information is necessary to administer your membership with AMSPAR. No data will be shared or exchanged with any other organisation without your consent. Members have - AA) Right of Access BB) Right of Rectification CC) Right to Erasure DD) Right to Restriction Any member who wishes to exercise the above should apply to the head office. A fee of £15 is required and AMSPAR has a period of 28 days in which to provide the required information.
  2. AMSPAR now offers Medical Terminology on-line at both levels 2 & 3. See FAQs to download a Prospectus.
  3. Medical Terminology Levels 2 & 3 are now available on-line via AMSPAR Education. See attached Prospectus AMSPAR L2 L3 Medical Terminology Student Prospectus Online 27042018.pdf

    Letters after name

    Depending on the Med Sec qualification it would be MS or DMS. You can use the letters but membership of AMSPAR would allow the full use of MAMS.
  5. Attached is the information for those who wish to take the self-study route for Medical Principles for the Administrator Level 3. MAUL3 SS Guide Medical Principles for the Administrator 0917.pdf
  6. Attached is the information for those who wish to take the self-study route for the Award in Legal Aspects of Medical Administration Level 3. MAUL3 SS Guide Legal Aspects of Medical Administration 0917.pdf
  7. Attached is the information for those who wish to take the self-study route for the Award in Working in the NHS . MAUL2 SS Guide Working in the NHS 0917.pdf

    AGM Notice

    The next AGM is provisionally scheduled for Saturday 3rd November at 12.30.

    CPD with AMSPAR

    The AMSPAR CPD Programme is now available on-line through the AMSPAR Training portal. It is available free to all members and AMSPAR / C&G registered students. Upon successful completion a Certificate of Achievement is available for £20. To access the portal contact info@amspar.co.uk
  10. The following document outlines how the DPCHM is delivered by AMSPAR. AMSPAR L5 DPCHM Student Prospectus 20182019.pdf
  11. AMSPAR

    Centre List

    The list contains all the centres who are currently accredited to offer the AMSPAR / City & Guilds qualifications. Not all courses are run annually. AMSPAR CG Centre List 0917.pdf
  12. AMSPAR

    Letters after name?

    You can us e the letters DPM. AMSPAR
  13. AMSPAR

    Med Term Audio Cassettes

    A limited number of adio cassette tapes are available to assist in dictation training for Medical Terminolofy. See attached flyer. MTAACFLYER _2_.pdf
  14. AMSPAR

    Medical Secretary Diploma

    A full list of centres can be found in the FAQ section.
  15. AMSPAR

    Medical Secretary Diploma

    A full list of centres can be found in the FAQ section.
  16. AMSPAR

    Medical Secretary Diploma

    A full list of centres can be found in the FAQ section.
  17. The following handbook provides all the required information for the Certificate / Diploma in Primary Care and Health Management (Level 5). 4419-06_L5_Qualification_handbook_V1-5.pdf
  18. AMSPAR

    AMSPAR level 2

    The results are sent to the centres. If you take the self-study route and sit the exam at the AMSPAR venues you will be sent your result and any certificate.
  19. AMSPAR

    AMSPAR Magazine

    A newsletter has just been mailed out to members and a magazine with the Annual report will be sent out ahead of the AGM in October. AMSPAR
  20. AMSPAR

    AMSPAR Careers Prospectus

    The 2009 Prospectus is now available in FAQs.
  21. The new AMSPAR / City & Guilds qualifications in Medical Administration (Levels 2 & 3) which supercede the Medical Reception / Secretary awards have now been accredited by Ofqual to the Qualifications and Credit Framework. They are now available for teaching. 5519_L2_Award_Certificate_Diploma_Qualification_handbook_v1-3 0315.pdf 5519_L3_Award_Certificate_Diploma_Qualification_handbook_v3 0315.pdf
  22. AMSPAR

    AMSPAR level 2

    Results for AMSPAR / City & Guilds examinations are scheduled to be released 8 weeks after the sitting. Often they are released slightly earlier if possible. AMSPAR
  23. AMSPAR

    Finding information on the AMSPAR site

    These are normally held in the members section of the website but most have been removed to be updated. If you have a particular query please e mail info@amspar.co.uk and we will see what we can provide. AMSPAR
  24. City & Guilds and AMSPAR still work to the same timetable which is normally 8 weeks after the exam although results may be released sooner, if possible. All centres have access to the results of 12th May exam and you should contact them. AMSPAR
  25. AMSPAR and City & Guilds have been working together to revise the IDMR and ADMS courses for the new Qualifications and Credit Framework. We expect approval from the regulators in the next week. Once this comes through we will be posting the content and structure on this website. Anyone starting a course from September will embark on the the new versions. Those who are part way through will have the opportunity to complete up until December 2010.