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  2. jaynenayler

    Post nominals

    I took the Level 5 DPCHM qualification last year, and received my certificate, but due to personal circumstances I didn't go on to submit the final piece to receive the diploma. I have AMSPAR membership too (MAMS), so what are the correct post-nominals that I should be using please?
  3. Veronica

    Where to start?

    Am I talking to myself here? Why has no one bothered to answer my question?
  4. Veronica

    Where to start?

    Hello. I am new to the AMSPAR forum. I am interested in studying to become a Medical Secretary and I have some questions. What form do the courses take? i.e. Are they online, distance learning or in a classroom? Is there a prospectus I could look at? Can I study part-time? Where can I buy the equipment I need for the course? How do I book my exams? Which provider should I do the course(s) through? e.g. AMSPAR, City & Guilds or BSMSA? Are there other providers?


    Personal Data Membership AMSPAR is registered with the IOC. Data Protection is governed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation which came into force on 25th May, 2018 and subsequent amendments. We hold data in electronic and paper form on members, personal details, academic and administrative history and on any financial transactions. This information is necessary to administer your membership with AMSPAR. No data will be shared or exchanged with any other organisation without your consent. Members have - AA) Right of Access BB) Right of Rectification CC) Right to Erasure DD) Right to Restriction Any member who wishes to exercise the above should apply to the head office. A fee of £15 is required and AMSPAR has a period of 28 days in which to provide the required information.
  6. I gave the exam on 13th Feb. this year. When is AMSPAR going to send the results?
  7. AMSPAR now offers Medical Terminology on-line at both levels 2 & 3. See FAQs to download a Prospectus.
  8. Medical Terminology Levels 2 & 3 are now available on-line via AMSPAR Education. See attached Prospectus AMSPAR L2 L3 Medical Terminology Student Prospectus Online 27042018.pdf
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