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  2. The AMSPAR Award in Health Service Administration (HSA) is now available free on-line. This forms part of the Certificate in HSA. Details here AMSPAR - FREE Training AMSPAR Award HSA registration form.pdf
  3. Further Notice of AGM Notice 20.doc
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    If a course was signed up for and paid 1st April 2020, when does it need to be completed by ?
  5. Hello, i am hoping to find someone who can guide me in the right direction. I would like to join this course but it is really difficult to find a provider. I live in South East London. I would really appreciate if someone who knows more can help me with some suggestions of genuine providers who offer this course. Thank you so much. Fingers crossed. 😊
  6. Regrettably we have received the following statement from City & Guilds in respect to the forthcoming examinations: Summer Dated Exams for Vocational Technical Qualifications Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 situation the following May/June Vocational Technical Qualification scheduled exams have been cancelled. We are working on next steps and mitigation for each qualification and will provide updates as soon as this is possible. June 5519-220/ 5528-265 Level 2 Medical Terminology 5519-330 Level 3 Medic
  7. During the current period we do not have access to the office to issue membership renewals. Please see the attached generic letter which can be used for now. Renewal P1.pdf Renewal P2.pdf
  8. During the current 'lockdown' AMSPAR is endeavouring to maintain services to members. We are able to reply to e mails (info@amspar.co.uk) and any phone calls to the office (0207 387 6005) will be responded to if a message is left. We wish our members and friends safety and record our appreciation to all of you working in the 'front line'.
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