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  2. Letters after name

    I achieved my AMSPAR Medical Secretary diploma 11/12 years ago but have never used letters after my name as I believed the only way I could do this was to be a member of AMSPAR. This is something I've never been inclined to do to be honest but have always wanted to use the letters after my name. I just want to confirm really whether you do need to be a member to use the letters or not.
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  4. AMSPAR is pleased to announce that Dr James Kingsland OBE has been made and Honorary Fellow of the Association in recognition of his extensive services to Primary Care. Dr Kingsland is President of the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) and the presentation by AMSPAR President, Myra Upton, took place at the recent NAPC Conference in Birmingham. Myra Upton said, “We are delighted that Dr James Kingsland has accepted our Honorary Fellowship. We look forward to working ever closer with the NAPC in supporting those working in Primary Care.”
  5. Dr Vincent Leach FAMS

    We are sad to report the passing of Dr Vincent Leach FAMS a former Vice President and stalwart of AMSPAR. The funeral was held on 31st October 2016. His expertise and contribution will be dearly missed by the organisation. Friend and colleague, Mary Bird, has kindly provided the attached obituary. Dr Vin Leach.pdf
  6. AGM Notice

    As previously notified the AGM will take place at the AMSPAR office on Saturday 12th November at 12.30. Notice 16.pdf
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