AMSPAR and City & Guilds work together to provide qualifications recognised by Ofqual for the sector.

A range of qualifications are offered.

The Medical Administrator / Secretary

One of the most rewarding professions open to people who are interested in working in a health care environment is that of a medical secretary. To be a real success, it is essential to have a keen interest in healthcare, the ability to work with a wide range of people and a good sense of humour.

A large variety of occupations is available to the qualified medical secretary. These include work in hospitals, community health, general practice, private practice, research, the pharmaceutical industry and complementary medicine. In the busy world of hospitals there are a number of directorate specialities to choose from such as general medicine, general surgery, orthopaedics, paediatrics, care of the elderly, dermatology, psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology and ear, nose & throat. Alternatively, you may prefer the work of the radiology, pathology, physiotherapy or speech therapy departments. In all of these specialities however, you will find areas of common practice.

Regardless of the area of choice, the medical secretary will fulfil a varied and crucial role.

Increasingly, both women and men are regarding the position as a key stage on their way to management posts. The duties will range from the relatively routine to the challenging and no two working days will be the same. The medical secretary works very much as part of a team, liaising with a variety of healthcare professionals. Where there is direct contact with the patient, the role of the medical secretary is also very important, as it can be the first link in the consultation process. It is, therefore, vital to have a helpful and sympathetic attitude in order to inspire confidence and dispel any fears and anxieties.

Certificate in Medical Administration

(Level 3)

To become a good medical administrator / secretary, you will need a wide range of knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is important to receive the appropriate training. The Certificate in Medical Administration will give you a stepping stone into your career.

For the Certificate you will need to complete four mandatory units:
220 L2 Medical Terminology (6 Credits)
221 L2 Medical Principles for the Administrator (9 credits)
331 L3 Medical Administration (9 credits)
332 L3 Managing Communication in a Medical Environment (8 credits)

Diploma for Medical Secretaries

(Level 3)

For the Diploma you will need to complete the following four mandatory units

221 L2 Medical Principles for the Administrator (9 credits)
331 L3 Medical Administration (9 credits)
332 L3 Managing Communication in a Medical Environment (8 credits)
333/4 L3 Medical Word Processing and Audio Transcription (13 credits)

plus some of the following optional units:

220 L2 Medical Terminology (6 credits)
225 L2 Work Experience in a Medical Environment (5 credits)
330 L3 Medical Terminology (14 credits)
335 L3 Legal Aspects of Medical Administration (7 credits)
805 L2 Spreadsheet Software (4 credits)
808 L3 Spreadsheet Software (6 credits)
806 L2 Database Software (4 credits)
807 L2 Presentation Software (4 credits)
809 L3 Presentation Software (6 credits)

The learner must achieve a minimum of 49 credits overall
221, 331-334 (39 credits) + 330 (14 credits)
221, 331-334 (39 credits) + 220 (6 credits) + min 4 credits from any of 225, 335, 805-809

The programme is available for full or part time study depending on the arrangements of the training provider. The length of the course is between 12 and 24 months. It is suitable for school leavers with a minimum of four GCSE passes (or at the discretion of the centre), mature students with existing secretarial skills or those employed in a healthcare setting as receptionists, administrators or clerical assistants.

Students who successfully complete the full programme are eligible to become Members of AMSPAR. They are then entitled to post-nominals after their name.

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